The following is a more or less complete collection of my published articles and interviews, excluding the blog posts I’ve written for Waging Nonviolence.

“Why is the U.S. Giving the Philippines’ Military a Blank Check?” Sojourners, June 2023.

“Yes, Protest Can Influence the Supreme Court,” In These Times, May 3, 2022.

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“‘The conversation is the protest’ — how Black Lives Matter forced us to imagine a world without police,” Waging Nonviolence, June 10, 2020. Also published on Nation of Change and Pressenza.

“Violent repression only weakens Putin, not Russian calls for democracy,” Waging Nonviolence, August 2, 2019.

“How to avert the impending war on Iran,” Waging Nonviolence, June 18, 2019. Also published on Informed Comment, Nation of Change and Pressenza.

“Electing Democrats in November without confronting neoliberalism will not be enough,” Waging Nonviolence, September 25, 2018. Also published on Truthout.

Rising Up in the PhilippinesSojourners, June 2017.

“Protecting the Gains of the Resurrection,” Sojourners, June 2017.

“What the US can learn from Scandinavia in the struggle against inequality,” Waging Nonviolence, September 13, 2016.

“How friends and family remember Daniel Berrigan,” Waging Nonviolence, May 5, 2016.

Fear,” Indoctrination, Z2 Comics, July 2016.

“Why I was arrested at the U.S. Capitol,” Peoria Journal Star, April 30, 2016.

“What’s next for Democracy Spring?” Waging Nonviolence, April 19, 2016.

“Artists target drone operators with a giant portrait of one of their victims,” Waging Nonviolence, April 8, 2014. Also published on Nation of Change, Informed Comment, and The Indypendent.

“5 reasons the already obscene national security budget is larger than it appears,” Waging Nonviolence, March 5, 2014. Also published on Salon, AlterNet and Truthout.

“Anti-drone movement takes flight,” Waging Nonviolence, April 10, 2013. Also published on Nation of Change and

Learning from shortcomings and other movements,” Mobilizing Ideas, July 23, 2012.

Participation is everything — a conversation with Erica Chenoweth,” Waging Nonviolence, July 14, 2012.

Pillars of Support,” Beautiful Trouble, OR Books, May 2012.

Nonviolence, Muslim Style: From Ghaffar Khan to Tahrir Square,” Religion Dispatches, August 4, 2011.

Is there no other way in Libya?Waging Nonviolence, March 25, 2011. Also published on Common Dreams, The Indypendent.

The Human Toll,” Sojourners, March 2011 issue.

The Tragic U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan,” Union Daily Times, SC, January 18, 2011; Worthington Daily Globe, MN, January 21, 2011; Fayette County News, GA, January 22, 2011; News Eagle, PA, January 28, 2011; Asheville Citizen-Times, January 29, 2011. A shorter version was published in the Peoria Journal Star, IL, December 26, 2010. Distributed by OtherWords and Featurewell.

Record levels of violence in Afghanistan do not equal progress,” Waging Nonviolence, December 16, 2010. Also published on Common Dreams, Counterpunch, Huffington Post, The Indypendent, and Sojourners.

Lessons from the election,” Platypus Review, December 2010.

Jon Stewart’s Misguided Rally to Restore Sanity,” Waging Nonviolence, October 29, 2010. Also published on Sojourners and The Indypendent.

Bringing Down Serbia’s Dictator, 10 years later,” co-authored with Bryan Farrell, Waging Nonviolence, October 5, 2010. Also published on Truthout, Yes! Magazine, and The Indypendent.

Documentary Brings Anti-Apartheid Movement to Life,” The Indypendent, March 31, 2010 issue. Also published on Truthout and ZNet.

A Lesson on Nonviolence for the President,” Foreign Policy In Focus, December 17, 2009. Also published on Common Dreams, and ZNet.

A Conversation About Nonviolence,” Yes! Magazine, November 13, 2009. Also published on Truthout and ZNet.

Schock fighting against freedom in Honduras,” Peoria Journal Star, October 18, 2009.

According to Obama Global Capitalism Is an ‘Abstraction,’ Not Worth Protesting,” Alternet, September 29, 2009. Also published on Huffington Post, Common Dreams, and ZNet.

Guards Gone Wild,” The Guardian, September 4, 2009. Also published on ZNet.

Mercenaries and Murder in Iraq,” The Guardian, August 14, 2009. Also published on the Huffington Post, Yahoo! News, Common Dreams and ZNet.

Robot Wars,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 17, 2009. Also published in the June 27, 2009 edition of the Australian Financial Review, the April 17, 2009 issue of The Indypendent, in the Spring 2009 issue of WIN Magazine, and on the Huffington Post, Common Dreams and ZNet. Syndicated by

The Pentagon’s Monster in the Mirror,” ZNet and the Huffington Post, April 15, 2009. Also published as, “America’s Double Standards on Defense,” Asheville Citizen-Times, NC, May 5, 2009; White River Valley News, AK, May 7, 2009; Liberal Opinion Week, IA, May 13, 2009. Distributed by Minuteman Media, April 29, 2009.

Shut it Down,” WIN Magazine, Winter 2009 issue.

No mercy for mercenaries,” The Guardian, February 17, 2009. Also published on the Huffington Post, Common Dreams, and ZNet.

Attack of the Killer Robots,” In These Times, February 2009 issue. To veiw PDF, click here. Also published in the February 26-March 12, 2009 issue of the Columbia City Paper; the April 9, 2009 issue of Metroland, the August 19, 2009 issue of Boise Weekly, and on Alternet and Common Dreams. Syndicated by

Military 2.0: Should You Fear the Killer Robots?Mother Jones, January 29, 2009.

Obama: Listen to Iraqi Opinion,” Foreign Policy In Focus, January 5, 2009. Also published on Alternet and Common Dreams.

Boats Break the Siege on Gaza,” co-authored with Bryan Farrell, Z Magazine, November 2008 issue.

Beyond the Lesser of Two Evils,” Huffington Post, October 31, 2008.

Voting is a Cop-out,” The Indypendent, October 24, 2008 issue. A longer version was published as, “Voting Is Not a Panacea,” on the Huffington Post, October 25, 2008.

“‘Obscene Monument to War’ Returns to NYC,” The Indypendent, October 24, 2008 issue. A shorter version was published as “Protesters Crash USS Intrepid Homecoming,” in the Fall 2008 issue of WIN Magazine.

Outsourcing the Iraq War: Mercenary Recruiters Turn to Latin America,” NACLA Report on the Americas, July/August 2008 issue. Also published in the October 2008 issue of Innsikt (Norway), and on Common Dreams and ZNet.

Criminal Health Care,” Alternet, March 10, 2008. Also published on Huffington Post and Yahoo! News.

So You Think You’re Antiwar?Huffington Post, October 2, 2007.

Living by the Sword,” Huffington Post, September 19, 2007.

It’s the Oil, Stupid,” The Mirror, NV, August 30, 2007. Topeka Capital Journal, KS, August 31, 2007. Asheville Citizen-Times, NC, September 4, 2007. The Daily Journal, MN, September 4, 2007. Portland Observer, OR, September 19, 2007. Tri-County Press, WI, date unknown. Distributed by Minuteman Media, August 29, 2007. A longer version was published as, “Bush’s Crude Intentions in Iraq,” on the Huffington Post, August 31, 2007.

Fear and Loathing on the Jersey Shore,” co-authored with Bryan Farrell, Huffington Post and Yahoo! News, August 20, 2007.

Why Pay for War?” co-authored with Bryan Farrell, ZNet, April 17, 2007.

King’s Prophetic Call for Peace,”, April 5, 2007. Also published as, “Dr. King’s speech on Vietnam Sounds like Iraq,” Topeka Capital Journal, KS, May 10, 2007. Hereford Brand, TX, May 13, 2007. Northwest Arkansas Times, AK, May 13, 2007. Asheville Citizen-Times, NC, May 14, 2007. Portland Observer, OR, May 16, 2007. Newberg Graphic, OR, May 16, 2007. Morris Sun Tribune, MN, May 23, 2007. Daily Globe, MN, May 2007. Distributed by Minuteman Media, May 9, 2007.

A Different World,” Peoria Journal Star, IL, September 10, 2006. Also published as, “First 9/11 Starred Gandhi,” in the Topeka Capital-Journal, KS, September 22, 2006. Northwest Arkansas Times, AK, September 21, 2006. Daily Globe, MN, September 2006. The Progressive Populist, IA, October 15, 2006. Common Dreams, September 20, 2006. Distributed by Minuteman Media, September 20, 2006.

A Conversation with Dan Wakefield,” The Nation and Yahoo! News, April 10, 2006.

Islam Karimov: Uzbekistan Dictator, U.S. Ally,” Nonviolent Activist, Winter 2005 issue. Republished in World War 4 Report, issue 107, March 2005.

Terrorism begins at home,” Topeka Capital-Journal, KS, May 17, 2004. Garden City Telegram, KS, May 14, 2004. Chanute Tribune, KS, May 12, 2004. Distributed by Minuteman Media, May 12, 2004.

“The International Criminal Court and U.S. Military Aid to Latin America,” Center for International Policy, March 31, 2004.

“Memorandum: Highlights of the Bush Administration’s 2005 Latin America aid request,” Center for International Policy, February 19, 2004.

Bolivia: An Early Goodbye for President Mesa?,” Center for International Policy, February 13, 2004.