Shut it Down

Winter 2009 WIN Magazine Witness Against Torture: The Campaign to Shut Down Guantánamo Edited by Anna Brown, Matthew Daloisio, Michael Foley, Patrick Stanley, and Matthew Vogel Yellow Bike Press, 2008, 164 pages, $15–$25 As the history books are written, few words or places will symbolize the Bush years more than “torture” or Guantánamo. While much … Continue reading Shut it Down

Boats Break the Siege of Gaza

by Eric Stoner and Bryan Farrell November 2008 issue Z Magazine When Israel began imposing economic sanctions and withholding taxes from the occupied territories in response to Hamas’s electoral victory over the ruling Fatah party two years ago, a group of human rights activists from around the globe gathered to discuss what they could do … Continue reading Boats Break the Siege of Gaza

‘Obscene Monument to War’ Returns to NYC

October 27, 2008 issue The Indypendent; Also published in Fall 2008 Issue of WIN Magazine While hundreds gathered to welcome the return of the U.S.S. Intrepid to its west Manhattan pier Oct. 2, not everyone present was there to celebrate. More than a dozen peace activists carried banners and handed out fliers along the waterfront … Continue reading ‘Obscene Monument to War’ Returns to NYC

Bush’s Crude Intentions in Iraq

August 31, 2007 Huffington Post, and a shorter op-ed version was published in: Topeka Capital Journal, KS; The Mirror, NV; Asheville Citizen-Times, NC; The Daily Journal, MN; Portland Observer, OR; Tri-County Press, WI. Distributed by Minuteman Media.   With the U.S. consuming a quarter of the world's petroleum, President Bush courageously admitted the obvious during … Continue reading Bush’s Crude Intentions in Iraq