A Lesson on Nonviolence for the President

Foreign Policy In Focus, Common Dreams, Antiwar.com, ZNet In Oslo last week, President Barack Obama ironically used his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize to deliver a lengthy defense of the "just war" theory and dismiss the idea that nonviolence is capable of addressing the world's most pressing problems. After quoting Martin Luther King … Continue reading A Lesson on Nonviolence for the President

The Dawn of Robot Wars

The Indypendent, WIN Magazine, Huffington Post, Common Dreams, ZNet. Also published as an op-ed in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Australian Financial Review. Syndicated by Featurewell.com. With little public scrutiny, robotics is quickly revolutionizing not only how war is fought, but who fights in war. While the U.S. military first began to experiment with remote-controlled weapons … Continue reading The Dawn of Robot Wars

King’s Prophetic Call for Peace

April 5, 2007 TomPaine.com, and a shorter op-ed version was published in: Topeka Capital Journal, KS; Hereford Brand, TX; Northwest Arkansas Times, AK; Asheville Citizen-Times, NC; Portland Observer, OR; Newberg Graphic, OR; Morris Sun Tribune, MN; Daily Globe, MN. Distributed by Minuteman Media. Forty years ago this week, on April 4, 1967, and a year … Continue reading King’s Prophetic Call for Peace

The First 9/11 Starred Gandhi

September 10, 2006 Peoria Journal Star, IL; Topeka Capital Journal, KS; Northwest Arkansas Times, AK, Daily Globe, MN, Progressive Populist, IA. Common Dreams. Distributed by Minuteman Media. While most Americans associate September 11th with violence, in one of history's great coincidences, that date also marks the centennial of one of the most significant steps in … Continue reading The First 9/11 Starred Gandhi