July 30, 2009


I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Scott Horton on Antiwar Radio, which goes out live in Austin, TX on KAOS 95.9FM, and is then replayed on stations in Southern California, San Francisco, and Oregon. I gave a brief overview of what Waging Nonviolence – a site that I launched, edit and write for with a couple friends – is all about, and then spoke about the decline of the antiwar movement after Obama’s election, the need for more creative and assertive protests, why there is no such thing as a humanitarian war and the replacement of soldiers with remote-controlled robots. To stream or download the segment, click here. (30:25)

And please check out Waging Nonviolence, when you get the chance. It is where I’ve been writing on pretty much a daily basis since the end of May. Hope you enjoy!

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