Students nix IMF chief’s commencement address at Smith College

On Monday, International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde withdrew as the 2014 commencement speaker at Smith College after a petition opposing the decision gathered hundreds of signatures.

Friday Media Roundtable

October 9, 2009 KALW 91.7FM Today, I was on “Your Call,” an hour-long call-in program on KALW 91.7 FM, the local Public Radio station in San Francisco, for its Friday Media Roundtable. Along with two other guests, I discussed how the mainstream media has covered the war in Afghanistan, the passage of the defense spending bill in Congress, and the … Continue reading Friday Media Roundtable

Criminal Health Care: My Experience in Insurance Company Hell

March 10, 2008 Alternet, Huffington Post, Yahoo! News Health care has become the top domestic issue for most Americans this electoral season -- and for good reason. By nearly any measure, the system simply does not work. Heart-wrenching stories of its shortcomings can be read ad infinitum. And while they rightly evoke feelings of empathy … Continue reading Criminal Health Care: My Experience in Insurance Company Hell